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The EFFICIS Legal Office is law firm which stands out with a double scope of services. We render both general legal services remaining in the scope of legal counsellor’s competences, and specialist services requiring competences of a patent attorney.

The heart of our legal office's activities are services rendered for business and economic entities.

We strive to ensure maximum effectiveness of our business partners’ activities through genuine involvement in their ventures and profound knowledge of legal, economic and business considerations.

The way the services are rendered is tailored to our partner’s needs and capabilities.

The Legal Office’s Manager is Mr Marek Mikosza, a legal counsellor and patent attorney.

Kancelaria Efficis

Legal Office – Legal Counsellor

Our legal support covers cases and projects in the scope of court and administrative proceedings, broadly understood administrative law, corporate law, mergers, transformations, acquisitions (M&A) and stock-exchange issues.

The members of our team have many years of experience in public procurements, economic processes, administrative and tax proceedings, and current legal support for entrepreneurs active in various sectors of economy (contracts, court writs, due diligence, opinions, court trials).

At their disposal our Clients have a team of experienced and seasoned legal counsellors with complementary expertise in the scope of tender procedures (public procurements), corporate law, civil law, administrative law (building law, antitrust law) and intellectual property law (copyright and protection against unfair competition).

Kancelaria Efficis

Patent Attorney Office – Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney’s specialist services in the scope of intellectual property protection.

Our business partners are provided with services in the scope of the business entity’s intellectual capital management. We represent our Clients before the Republic of Poland Patent Office, OHIM (OAMI) and WIPO International Office.

We file all industrial property applications for trademarks (logo), industrial models, inventions (patents), utility models, geographical designation, and artwork. We also provide services in the scope of watching over fees validity deadlines and conduct searches in data bases.

We support our Clients in court and administrative disputes concerning industrial property (protection against infringement of existing trademark, patent, industrial model, utility model).

We also perform valuation of trademark (brand, logo) and other intellectual properties (valuation of rights).



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